Social media can be a bit of a minefield. Just when you’ve got to grips with your Facebook timeline, they bring out a Click-Clock, and a ChatSnap, and… what next?! In truth, the world of social media really doesn’t have to be daunting. Here are five simple, easy steps you can take to level up your social media and make sure that the social channels you have are doing your business justice. 

level up your social media

(If this is all a load of gobble-dee-goop to you, don’t worry! Check out our social media marketing services, we’d be happy to talk you through it!)

  1. Consistency is Key

The biggest thing to remember about social media is that it is an extension of your service, and therefore you. So you really want each of the extensions to give off the same vibe, the same voice, the same ethos. 

One easy way of maintaining consistency is by using the same handle as your website address for each social channel. 

Say we have ‘Carl’. And Carl’s website for his café is

Carl should really reinforce this business name through each of his social handles, so he’s easy to find and not mistakable for another café owned by a different Carl. 

If Carl made a business Facebook, then his handle should be @carlscafe. The same for Instagram, Twitter, TikTok… Whatever the platform may be it’s good to be consistent across these. 

If Carl found that his web name ‘carlscafe’ was taken on socials, he needn’t panic. He can just go for the next best thing. 

Let’s say that Carl’s Cafe is based in Oxford. He goes to make his instagram handle ‘@carlscafe’ and it’s been taken. Adding his business location to the end of his handle still reinforces his brand, with the added benefit of where to find him easily accessible (that’s what we call local SEO). ‘@carlscafeoxford’ would be a win-win! Now we’re hungry…

Other ways to maintain consistency throughout your social channels is by having the same main image icon on each account, whether that’s a picture of you, your business logo, or your product/service. You can further maintain this visual consistency with the colour scheme; if your website is dominated by pastels, don’t lose your branding on Instagram with dreary greys and browns. It might seem a little overkill, but thought into your branding transcends all visual elements of your online presence, from your website fonts through to your content and, yes, colour schemes! (If this sounds a bit too much to handle, get in touch, we love branding!)

social media consistency
  1. Know Your Audience

If you know that your target customer is in the over 65 category, you really don’t want to be wasting your time trying to connect with them on TikTok. If you know that your target customer would be interested in your product/service because of its sound, or it’s visual, there’s little point loading up your socials with tones of written content. Give the people what they want!

Take some time to consider what and who your target audience is. Would they be generally using Instagram for visually-focused content? Or would they be more interested in regular links and text-based content on Twitter or Facebook? If you’re not sure, don’t worry! That’s what we’re here for. Let’s talk through your business and figure out where to go socially!

social media audience

3. Post Less, But Make it Good!

It’s easy to fall into the trap of believing that you need to be posting constantly, all day everyday to make the most of your social channels. I’m here to say that’s just not the case. 

Yes, it’s important to not have your last visible post dated from 2015 (you’d assume the business is no longer running, right?!) but bombarding people with content can also deter your audiences. Information is so accessible, but also very easy to unsubscribe from and unfollow. Wouldn’t you rather follow an account that popped up every few days, but really caught your attention each time it did? This is a great example of quality over quantity in action. 

Quality is our thing and the key to you being able to level up your social media, so get in touch if you want some effective social media content that your audiences will love!

content quality over quantity

4. Connect and Interact!

We don’t condone stealing in any form, stealing is bad. But saying that… there’s no harm in looking around, seeing what your competitors are offering on their socials and just, tweaking it a little. And making it better. Huzzah! We call this the skyscraper technique in SEO, so why not apply it to social media too?

Follow accounts that are similar to your own, and interact with them! Lots of accounts are happy to share your content in return for a share of something of theirs, so you both get exposure to new audiences. It’s a free way to both network and gain new potential customers with zero risk to either party. Who knows what doors it may open?!

social media interaction

5. Be Human!

My last point here, but it’s an important one. Remember you’re not a robot. Think about your voice as a business, and allow this to transcend into your social content. Don’t be afraid to show your personality through your content choices. The goal of your socials is to entice potential customers towards further information on your services, and what better way to do so than with an inviting, interesting and unique approach to your socials. We can help you figure out the best ways to bring your own voice across your social media channels in an authentic way so that your audiences feel like they’re really connecting with you and your brand!

social network voice and tone

Give these little tips and tricks a go and see how you can level up your social media channels before your very eyes. 

If you’re a bit tight for time and would like to pass on these steps to one of us, that’s not a problem.

 Get in touch and let’s make it happen! 




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