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Author: Zoë Mace Soprano & Singing Teacher

Before working with Amplifox, I was in a bit of a rut with the progression of my business. 

As a classically-trained singer, going self-employed as a performer and singing teacher felt pretty daunting. I knew that I knew my stuff, but I had no idea how I would go about letting other people know that I knew my stuff, and turning them into regular clients. I had all the passion and drive, but no clue where to start!

Here’s a few of the many ways Amplifox has really amplified my business and put me into a position I never thought would be possible in a considerably short space of time.

Adapting to a New Way of Working

‘Thinking Bigger’ With My Client Base

Having moved all lessons online since the start of the pandemic, I had quickly adapted to this new way of doing things, and with that came the expansion of potential clients. Amplifox advised me of the possibility of a global client base of students, and as long as I could factor in some time differences for lesson scheduling, the world really was my oyster. 

No longer were my small-fry visions of posters of my lesson details around the local village going to cut it, we were talking worldwide! I couldn’t have asked for a better person to reassure me that this was an incredibly positive outcome from an otherwise very difficult year. For me, this was a standout attribute of Amplifox’s service right from the start; finding the opportunities and positives in places that seemed the total opposite to me!

Capitalising on Demand

Website Overhaul

One of the first points of call for me as a singer and teacher is my website. Before working with Amplifox, I assumed that my plain, basic website was doing me pretty well. It hadn’t been updated in about a year, but as far as I knew, once a website was made, it was done. Little did I know that I would have to ‘feed’ it with up-to-date information to keep myself, and my business, ‘alive’ and thriving. 

Blogging & Optimisation

I had time around my teaching schedule to do a lot of this myself, so with Amplifox’s guidance, I got to work on optimising my content, creating landing pages, and making relevant blogs with beneficial links to improve my rankings. I couldn’t believe what a difference this work made to my online presence.

Not only did it make my website rank highly for my desired search terms, but it also turned my website into a fresh, exciting place that I even liked going on myself! The site now really reflects me, my voice as a performer and teacher, with everything from my fonts and colour schemes thought out to give off the exact vibe that I wanted. 

Potential for (EVEN MORE) Growth!

Getting More Enquiries

With all of the help and guidance from Amplifox, I was in a position where I was ranking number one on Google for my key search terms, and the student enquiries were (and still are!) coming in anywhere from 3-8 enquiries a day. 

I couldn’t believe it when I had to put a waiting list system in place! 

I honestly thought that was as far as I could really go. Amplifox, however, were already one step ahead, and had begun coming up with game plans for passive income opportunities, such as an online shop, and even expanding my potential teaching hours by employing a teacher to join my cohort. 

I cannot thank Amplifox enough for transforming my business and showing me that there really is no limit on where it can continue growing to. I wouldn’t be where I am today without James’ guidance – I cannot recommend Amplifox enough to anyone wanting to see their business grow from strength to strength!

Zoë Mace Soprano & Singing Teacher

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