Marketing for a Singing and Music Teacher | Case Study

Music teachers including singing teachers, guitar teachers, drum teachers (you name it, there’s a teacher for it) are more often than ever before understanding the importance of digital marketing for their business. 

Zoë Mace Soprano & Singing Teacher

Zoë has been performing since she was a child and took the leap in starting her own singing teaching business just over a year ago.

Amplifox put in place a highly effective SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) strategy for her website, alongside video content creation, graphic design and Social Media campaigns to boost her business.


We identified keywords to go after by listening and understanding Zoë’s business model. We then worked to implement a strategy that worked to climb the Google rankings.

Graphic Design

To compliment her digital presence, we created beautiful business cards for Zoë to use to further solidify her brand and business messaging. 


We worked with Zoë to create a professional, 30-second promotional video for her free welcome sessions to onboard new students.

Content Writing

We worked on creating highly-optimised written content for Zoë’s website to further solidify her position on the search engines.

The Marketing Results!

Since we started working together in July, we’re delighted with the digital marketing results so far, with many more improvements to come including a brand new website! Take a look at these incredible results below to see just how an effective SEO can improve your business. 

SEO Results

Traffic in February 2021 is up an astonishing 9255% on July 2020. 


Zoë now ranks on Google for 742 organic keywords, with over 60 of them appearing on the first page of the search results.


On an average week, Zoë now gets between 20-40 enquiries for her singing lessons


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